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Enjoy the beaches in Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for those in search of fun, sun, relaxation, family joy and culturally-rich holidays in some of the best beaches in Asia, if not the world. Its 1600 km of coconut-lined coastlines bordered by smooth sands and rough rocks laid to perfection under sunny skies offer great opportunities to the traveller. May it be windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, water skiing, scuba diving or just snorkelling, Sri Lanka offers it all when it comes to water-based leisure activities. The two monsoons, providing rain to the eastern and western halves of the country in an alternate fashion, makes a Sri Lankan beach holiday a year round prospect.


Beaches in Sri Lanka are a public hit around cities where families with children wade in the waters especially during weekends. Such places can get very lively with colourful shacks and snack bars catering to all kinds of public. Other beaches, far away from the towns, can be quite deserted, pristinely clean and set in picturesque locations. Some others are a hit among young tourists wishing to party while a handful other lot are known for their exceptional diving sites.


To sum it up, depending on your profile and the season you are travelling, there is a whole array of beaches to choose from. Check out for them under the relevant sections.


Please note that each year, several foreigners drown on tourist beaches in Sri Lanka. This is unfortunately a regular happening during the monsoon when the sea gets rough and the waves are quite strong. Tourists do not realise that currents, even a few meters from the beach, can be dangerous. Even experienced swimmers should stay in groups and prefer beaches that have lifeguards around. With or without children, do not forget your hat, sunblock and sunglasses.


A word of caution: Avoid the beach boys. If you are a solo female traveller, you definitely have to read this section here. If they are too intrusive, do not hesitate to change your hotel.

Another word of caution: Prostitution and drugs are unlawful activities under Sri Lankan law.




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