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Angammadilla grey monkeys
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Visit  the eye-catching Angammedilla National Park !



Just west of Polonnaruwa, on the margins of a reservoir named Parakrama Samudra (meaning “Sea of King Parakrama”), the Angammedilla National Park is a wonderful place if you want to get a feeling of wildlife on foot.


The park also happens to be one of the newest national parks of the country as the region was deemed a reserve only in 2006.


The scenery here is utterly eye-catching with an enthralling mix of birds and animals. People who wish to enjoy the park to the fullest can camp on the site.


If you wish to enjoy a more comfortable accommodation, you can spend a night at the Wildlife Conservation Department bungalow.



What can you expect to spot?

Easily: Sri Lankan Elephant, Sambar Deer, Indian Muntjac, Sri Lankan Axis Deer, Tufted Grey Langur and Water Buffalo.


If you use your senses: Grizzled Giant Squirrel, Sri Lanka Jungle fowl, Red Slender Loris and Purple-faced Langur.


If you are lucky: Leopard, Wild boar and Sloth Bear.