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Hiyare Reservoir
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Visit Hiyare Forest Reserve to see a variety of birds !


Hiyare is a convenient place to go if you plan to spend a lot of time in Galle.


The forest is to be explored on foot or by boat, as there are practically no tracks. As soon as you enter it, you sense the fact that you tread on an almost undisturbed part of the world.  The reservoir is a natural lake and provides drinking water to the city of Galle.


Over a hundred varieties of birds are to be seen here including endemic ones like the Two-spotted Threadtail and the Black Ruby Barb. Mammals in the forest include Mongoose, Porcupine, Purple-faced Leaf Monkey and Hog Deer, an extremely wary and nocturnal animal that is rarely seen in the wild by naturalists. Butterflies and dragonflies of different species and reptiles such as the Sri Lankan Green Pit Viper make up for the ecosystem of the forest.



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