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Kalamitiya Kingfisher
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More than 150 bird species flock to Kalamatiya sanctuary !


Located close to the Kumana Bird Sanctuary, Kalamatiya is a small fishing village on the southeast cost of Sri Lanka best known for its rich diversity in bird life.


Originally declared a sanctuary in 1938, it was renovated and opened in 1984. It includes two brackish-water lagoons and the adjoining marshy areas. You can see almost 150 species of birds here of which 54 are migratory. Additionally, four indigenous birds that are registered as threatened species are found here too: the Indian Reef Heron, Glossy Ibis, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl and Black-Capped Purple Kingfisher.


Kalamatiya is also home to many reptile and fish species. Unique animal and plant life has also been recorded.


The sanctuary is just 20 km from Hambantota and is best visited from between late afternoon to sunset when you can see most species. If you are booking a visit in advance, it is best to request this timing from your agent.


Entry is Rs.3000 per person and includes a guided tour around the marshes and lagoons. A visit lasts between 2 to 3 hours.

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