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Knuckles forest reserve offers great trails for hikers!


The Knuckles Mountain Range is situated in the heart of the island. The range got the name “knucles” as five of its highest summits (Kirigalpottha, Gombaniya, Knuckles, Koboneelagala and Dotulugala) ressemble a set of knuckles in a closed fist.


The reserve, spreading over Kandy district and Matale district, has been designated as a conservation area, called the Knuckles National Heritage and Wilderness area. Three main rivers (Hulu Ganga, Heen Ganga et Kalu Ganga) find their source in the Knuckles Range and their waterfalls and pools offer the reserve great scenery and wonderful settings for hiking and trekking enthusiasts.


The trails that pass through rivers, forests, tree plantations and lush vegetation are perfect for nature lovers who don’t mind the mud and the steep climbs at places. The area is unspoilt at most places and offers quite many opportunities to enjoy Mother Nature’s lovely endowments. The Forest Department can provide you with information on lodgings available on site:







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