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Lunugamvehera Yellow-billed Malkoha
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Visit Lunugamvehera national park when in Kataragama !


This park is located near Kataragama on the northern side of the Lunugamvehera Reservoir. The total area of the park is 23,498 hectares of which the Lunugamvehera Reservoir occupies 14 %. The park was closed at one point during the civil war but has now reopened. The climate here is characterized by seasonal rainfall that annually averages about 1000 mm.


The park serves as a transit link between the Yala National Park to the east and the Uda Walawe National Park some 15 kilometres to the west especially for the elephant population in the two parks.


Other fauna to be seen here are a variety of amphibians, reptiles and over 180 species of birds depending on the season. Mammal species prevalent here include Wild Buffalo, Palm squirrel, Giant squirrel, Porcupine, Palm cat, Wild boar, Mouse deer and Spotted deer. Occasional sightings of Sloth bear and Leopard have also been reported.







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