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Minneriya is one of the best elephant parks in Sri Lanka!



Conveniently located just adjacent to the cultural triangle, Minneriya is an ideal place to watch all that your children would love to see and photograph.


Here, mammals, birds, reptiles and the scenery contribute to make your visit there memorable. Herds of elephants are to be seen everywhere.


Little baby elephants that run around the adults with their rosy hue are definitely a great hit among visitors both young and old.


Located near Polonnaruwa, the park covers just less than 9000 hectares of forest and bush and a large lake. The fact that the best time to visit the park is between  June and September make this place a regular hit among tourists from western countries. It is during these months that the “Gathering” of elephants takes place when over 300 pachyderms get together to enjoy the grass that grows on the shores of the lakes.


The Gathering is so popular that it has regularly featured among the top 10 gatherings in the world in wildlife magazines.



What can you expect to spot?

Easily: Elephant, Toque Monkey, Hanuman Langur, Grizzled Indian Squirrel, Ceylon Junglefowl, Brown-capped Babbler, Ceylon Grey Hornbill and Black-capped Bulbul.


If you use your senses:  Jackal, Barking Deer and Spotted Deer.


If you are lucky:  Leopard.






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