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Visit Muthurajawela Wetlands when in Negombo !


As the name indicates, Muthurajawela is dominated by water, mangroves and other types of flora suited to a wet climate.


The marshes of the Muthurajawela, covering an area of 6.000 hectares, play host to a huge variety of water birds. The sanctuary is also the largest saline peat bog in Sri Lanka. Muthurajawela is home to crocodiles too.


The daily tide that mixes the salty seawater from the ocean with freshwater from the wetland has created a unique ecosystem that is biologically diverse and rich in birds, butterflies and fish. Monitor lizards, and Sri Lanka’s largest snake, the Python, are also to be found here.


If you have opted to spend a few days in Negombo, an hour-long trip to the wetlands (45 minutes by tuk-tuk) on board the numerous boats available will be a perfect outing for all ages. Carry sunblock, hats and bananas with you.



What can you expect to spot?

Birds, monkeys, monitors and water snakes.




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