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Pigeon Island
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Pigeon Island national park is just 10 minutes from Nilaveli by boat !


Declared a nature reserve in 1963, this little island, north of Trincomalee, is today one of Sri Lanka’s two maritime parks. It is a beautiful spot especially to go snorkelling.


The 10-minute boat ride from Nilaveli beach is short and pleasant but comes at a price (around Rs.1800). The same goes for the entrance to the park.


If you’re lucky, you can spot shoals of Sharks and tropical fish like Angel, Parrot, Sargent major, etc. The wonderful thing about this place is the coral. However, it is in quite a tricky state due to unhampered tourism and the tsunami. So, while your children need to wear slippers to protect their feet, teach them to take care of the corals.


Don’t forget to carry your mask and snorkel. You can also carry your picnic and enjoy a full day outing here. Remember to carry sunblock for the day.


Lifejackets are easily available for can hire.




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