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Yala , the all-in-one national park of Sri Lanka!


The largest and most renowned park in the country located on the southeast tip of the island.  Yala is a great place to spot leopards and in the process, cover a very interesting natural terrain made of rocks and grass that these magnificent mammals like to call home.


Yala covers a very large area of plains, forests, swamps and savannah that is host to a large variety of flora and fauna.


This is probably the all-in-one national park where everybody gets an eyeful of everything one enjoys watching.


The animals that you can see here vary between elephants, spotted deer, barking deer, toque monkey, mongoose and crocodiles. And sloth bears can show up if you’re lucky. Yala contains quite a large variety of water birds too.


Yala offers such a good combination of beach, nature and wildlife that it has become a top hit with tourists and, we’ll have to admit the fact, gets a bit crowded at times.


You can visit the park all year around. Try to program you visit at dusk or early morning although dusk adds great colours to your photographs.


What can you expect to spot?

Easily: Elephants, monkeys, wild buffalo, deer and many species of birds.


If you use your senses: Leopard.


If you are lucky: Black bear.




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