WioWiKi stands for “Vacationing With or Without Kids”. At WioWiKi we believe that parents with children, whatever be their age, can afford to chart a journey with culturally rich and entertaining itineraries.

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Plentiful opportunities to enjoy cycling in Sri Lanka!



If you are a fan of cycling, Sri Lanka can offer you plentiful opportunities to enjoy your favourite sport. The wonderful trails and backroads of the island offer the cycling enthusiast great places to discover: hill ranges, waterways, forests, tea plantations, beaches, fields, palm-studded roads, spice routes, etc.


Most tour companies have specialized itineraries that offer a large variety of things to discover over many days complete with guide and back up vehicle. Others can offer tailor-made tours to suit your taste, ability, terrain preference and backpacking knowledge.


Also note that it is safe to cycle on your own in Sri Lanka and that the local people, who are unused to seeing cycle tourists, are very helpful (although it is necessary to take some basic precautions). Doing a cycle trip alone also means you should do your homework well in advance like studying the terrain to do mostly downhill especially around in the hilly regions and avoiding roads with a lot of traffic.




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