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Hot air baloon
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Don’t miss an opportunity to float under the clouds and enjoy breath-taking views of Sri Lanka!


A hot air balloon ride offers a splendid chance to get a wonderful panorama of the island. As you hover just below the clouds at a leisurely pace, you are bound to fall in love with the rich and colourful land that is Sri Lanka. What you get is an unobstructed vista of waterways, jungles and spectacular cultural gems like temples. Marvellous peacocks, herds of jostling elephants and innumerable deer running wild are just some of the sights waiting to be seized by your eyes and captured on camera.


As you drift around in silence, you realize the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka and the tranquillity that reigns all over. Specialized tours take you over some of Sri Lanka’s most famous cultural sites such as Dambulla rock temple and Sigiriya. A ride costs around Rs.13,000 per person depending on the season and the duration. This is a great way to enjoy the marvels of the island nation for both adults and children. The annual 10 day-long Balloon Festival that attracts numerous participants from across the world is held in March each year.


The route usually covered is the Cultural triangle and the region around Colombo. The colourful hot air balloons in the sky offer a spectacular sight from the ground. It is advisable to dress comfortably. Remember that it is always a little warmer while the sun is out. Also carry a hat or cap to protect you from the heat of the burners. Some companies do not accept very young children. Others allow adolescents and adults to participate in inflating and deflating the balloons.





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