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eco tourism
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Eco tourism one way to connect with nature in Sri Lanka !


The concept of eco tourism has caught on in a serious way in Sri Lanka.


Gone are the days when hospitality companies in search of profitability “green-washed” their hotels to attract travellers who wished to leave a positive impact on the environment.


Today, there are quite a few places where the visitor is sure to visit a pristine undisturbed part of the island, learn a few things about the local area and contribute to the development of the local population. This has become possible thanks to entrepreneurs wishing to construct tourist facilities with locally available products (wood, natural materials, mud), train and employ local people, run projects to help the local population, conceive and support local initiatives to preserve the environment.


Most of these lodgings function on principles such as recycling, energy efficiency, wastage reduction and water conservation and yet offer facilities like western cuisine, swimming pools, bicycle rides, jeep hires to natural parks, etc. Besides, you are sure to be close to interesting spots for activities like fishing, trekking, rock climbing and bird watching.


Some of them are as comfortable as any luxury lodge and yet offer a back to basics experience. Others are perched up treetops, wrapped in vegetation or situated on a riverbank.





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