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Information about travel expenses in Sri Lanka


Despite the recent hike in prices, Sri Lanka remains an affordable tourist destination.  Like in many developing countries, you should however expect to pay a higher sum for some services. Here is a list of prices you would expect to pay for hotels and restaurants in Sri Lankan rupees.




The range of prices is quite wide. You can get a very nice rice and curry for Rs.250 (just $2 !). You can also grab a wrap in a very decent fast food restaurant for Rs.300.  Alternatively you can end up spending Rs.2500 or more in a high-end restaurant in Colombo or elsewhere. The good news is that at most restaurants you can eat for around Rs.800 excluding drinks, especially if you go in for a buffet lunch.

For a detailed section on restaurants, click here.



The choice of hotels is again varied. If you are traveling as a family, you can get a guesthouse in a tourist area like Anuradhapura for around Rs.7000 breakfast included or a family chalet in a quality beach resort for $150 on half board. Backpackers can get a double room for just Rs.1500 almost everywhere on the island. Cheap lodgings can be found at Rs.3000 while clean and quality B&B double-rooms can be found for Rs.7000. Boutique hotels can cost you anywhere between Rs.3000 and Rs.5000. Top end resorts can cost you around Rs.20000 or higher depending on the season.

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For prices for services such as transport and wildlife park entrances, please check the appropriate WioWiKi sections.






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