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How to stay connected and stay in touch when travelling in Sri Lanka



To call a number in Sri Lanka, add 00 and the country code 94. Omit the 0 before the local number.

To call abroad from Sri Lanka, add 00 and the country code.

To call inside Sri Lanka, dial the 10-digit number with the 0.


Mobile phones

If you do not wish to use your usual mobile number and pay a very high roaming charge, an alternative cheaper option would be to buy a local SIM card just when you arrive at the airport. Most mobile companies offer a pre-paid SIM pack for tourists. Their counters are conveniently located next to currency exchange bureaus just as you step outside the airport.


Here’s a list of major mobile telephony companies that offer specific packs (outbound calls, inbound calls, overseas calls and SMS):


Dialog: http://www.dialog.lk/personal/international/inbound-roaming/tourist-plans/


Mobitel: http://www.mobitel.lk/tourist-pack


Etisalat: www.etisalat.lk/personal/international/tourist/tourist-sim-pack/



Calling booths

There are many “Communication centres” that can serve as an alternative to a pre-paid mobile card. You can call anywhere from these centres for an affordable sum. Avoid calling from your hotel room, as hotels tend to levy a heavy surcharge.


Internet connection

If you are carrying your mobile device, you can connect to Wi-Fi from all types of accommodations except in some ecolodges and guesthouses situated too far from a town. This is generally provided free of cost. If you are very keen on staying connected, be sure to check if this service is available before you confirm your booking. Recently, mobile phone operators have come up with 3G offers tailor-made for tourists.





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