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Tips to help you buy arrack during your travel in Sri Lanka


Older than Irish whisky and gin, arrack is Sri Lanka’s national drink. Even today, the production process of arrack is no different than in Marco Polo’s times. It is a more fermented version of toddy that is made from the sap of coconut flowers, sugarcane, or palm trees. Toddy is allowed to ferment in teak barrels until it reaches an alcoholic concentration of 5-7%. It is then distilled and then packaged, where the final alcoholic content is between 30 to 40%. It tastes a bit like whisky or rum and is usually mixed with soda, Coke or ginger beer before being served.


Based on your budget, you can buy either mixed arrack (blended with soda or other spirits), which is cheap or the more expensive unblended arrack. A standard bottle will cost about Rs.800.





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