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Tips and useful information to help buy fancy clothes and garments during your travel in Sri Lanka


Shopping for clothes in Sri Lanka makes sense if you are not looking for the latest trend in international fashion. If you are keen on designer wear or international brands, you might end up spending more than what you normally would back home.


However, if you want to make best use of your stay in Sri Lanka to shop for summer clothes, you can get some lovely bargains. Plus, thanks to the export garment-manufacturing industry, you can look out for authentic quality brands for cheap prices. No wonder why some travellers do not bother to load their luggage with too much clothing but prefer to buy their clothes upon arrival.


Besides clothing, you can also shop for off-the-roll cloth that a local tailor can turn into any garment of your choice. If you fall for a sari, you can get the appropriate blouse stitched in a jiffy.


Sri Lanka is also a wonderful place to shop for hand-woven articles. You can also shop for beautiful high-quality cotton bedspreads, towels and napkins too provided you knock on the right shops.





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