WioWiKi stands for “Vacationing With or Without Kids”. At WioWiKi we believe that parents with children, whatever be their age, can afford to chart a journey with culturally rich and entertaining itineraries.

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All contributions should respect to the following terms and conditions.


Be original:  We love genuine reviews that reflect first hand experiences. Please don’t quote others.


Be useful: Before you contribute, ask yourself if the information is not already available. Always bear in mind that your content should help someone.


Be neutral : If you find a service interesting, please state it. Avoid advertisements for your own commercial establishment. Promotional material of any kind is not allowed in reviews.


Be informative: E-mail addresses to sites and places and contact information of non commercial places are allowed in reviews, if relevant to the experience. We however reserve the right to reject any phone number, email address or URL for any reason.


Be fluent: Please do not use CAPITAL letters for nothing. Avoid slang and typographic symbols.


Be eloquent: Your review is useful only if it is sufficiently long. WioWiKi reserves the right to edit your article.


Upload your photos: A photo helps the reader understand you better. Send us a few.


Be courteous: Please abstain from any prejudiced comments. This site is not to get even with someone or complain about any service. Don’t use obscene language,hate speech, sexually explicit language, or other content that is not appropriate for our community.


Copyright issues:  All content submitted to WioWiKi will bear the name or initials of the contributors. However, once published contributors agree not to demand any kind of compensation. WioWiKi reserves the right to republish contributions in any other form.