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Important advice on travelling by motorbikes in Sri Lanka



In many cities it is possible to hire a motorbike. This may be an attractive way for people with regular motorcycle riding experience to discover the place. Unless you have a certain amount of practice in riding in Asia and especially India, this option may not be very suitable for you due to the many unwritten rules you have to follow.


Motorbikes are also more accident-prone in Sri Lanka. Hence you must take into account all of the above-mentioned drawbacks before choosing to rent a motorbike.


For those of you with experience, you will be clearly happy to rent bikes in very good condition from renting companies in many different cities. Most of them have a range of bikes to rent and some of them also organise bike tours for tourists.



If you are renting a motorbike in Sri Lanka, remember to follow a few basic rules:

  • Motorbikes should be locked up always. As bikes rented out to tourists are quite new, thieves can target them. At night, you will have to leave them in a closed garage.
  • If you are riding all day, cover your forearms and thighs to avoid sunburns.
  • Even if Sri Lankan riders do not always wear a helmet, this is a must for any tourist.
  • Always rent from renting agencies. Do not accept to rent from individuals, as you will not benefit from an insurance cover in case of theft or accident.






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